5aa cyp

  1. 5aa cyp

    hey sledge, when will you have 5aa cyp back up?

    looking to buy you out!!

    5aa cyp ****ing rules!

  2. lol...damn, you seem excited about the stuff.

  3. Never, that was it. I am hoping to add a few new products and as good as 5aa cyp was, it wasnt a big seller, so I assumed better to try and get some new stuff in hopefully.

  4. where can i get 5aa cyp now?

    let me know.


  5. i just ordered some through powernurtition.net
    hopefully they dont just drop ship from you.

  6. PN rocks!!

    they shipped out my bottle in no time flat.. hopefully it is here by fri.

  7. they are the only ones left with it.


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