increase in appetite while using m1t

  1. increase in appetite while using m1t

    man, this is weird. Im hungry almost all the time. Ive got another 3 or 4 days left at 30mgs a day. Started out at 20mgs for 12 days or so and been on 30 for 5 I think. Not having any problems at all but I did get my blood pressure checked today and it was way too high, 148/93. I picked up some hawthorne berry and will use it for a couple of months. But getting back to the hunger part. I dont get it, I have not read one single post where someone gains more appetite.

  2. Many users have a reduced appetite, but I've never heard of an increase due to M1t. Consider yourself lucky, thats not a bad side effect to have.

  3. it's suppressing mine pretty bad right now. wish it would pick up a bit......

  4. because of the blood pressure, Im going back to 20mg to finish off the cycle. this will last about 5 more days.

  5. N=2

    Makes me hungry also.




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