Anavar possibly with Winny or H-drol

  1. Question Anavar possibly with Winny or H-drol

    Hey brothers,

    Alright, so I've been doing a considerable amount of research, and I just picked up some Anavar and I know i'm running that for sure. I'm thinking about running either Winstrol with it, or H-drol, a legal anabolic.
    My goal is shred some fat, while maintaining a strict diet, slightly below maintainence and adding a good few pounds of lean muscle. You could call it a bit of recomp, if you will.

    I was considering dosing var at 20/40/60/60
    should I run Winny alongside at 25/25/25/25?

    The reason for the low dose Winny is to avoid the joint and liver problems, and also its only there for a little boost to the Var cycle. I'm saving most of my winny to run alongside T3 (cytomel) in the early summer.

    I could also run H-drol at 25/50/75/75 alongside the Var.

    Which is better?
    I know testosterone is recommended on cycle, but I'm just trying to go for something simple, and I've already purchased this stuff, and getting T isn't an option any longer. I'm not doing a very long cycle and I have nolva too, so I expect a quick recovery of my natural hormones. Also I know that i'm dosing low, but I'm not going for anything spectacular, my diet and training is excellent, and i'm just looking for a little boost. My questions are basically, what can I expect from this cycle? and should I run winny with the var, or h-drol with the var? Thanks..

  2. I think most people will tell you that combining the two isn't worth the sides. Your joints will probably be hurting to the point where they impair your workouts. Blood pressure may become an issue too.

    I think Var also needs to be run at 40 minimum to see results, even if you are combining the winny to compensate for the lower doses. Honestly though, I have no experience running either of these 2 specific compounds...sounds cool in theory, but it may not be worth combining it for your health's sake/getting your money's worth of them.

    Possibly consider choosing one, and if you don't like running an inj., maybe something like a bold base?

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