Which PH/PS Burn Fat?

  1. Which PH/PS Burn Fat?

    There are some steroids, which do not just do a good job in preserving muscle, but actually burn fat. Anavar and Trenbolone (real trenbolone, not the PH "tren") come to mind.

    [ please nobody say something like "steroids don't burn fat, diet does". It is very well established that through a variety of pathways certain steroids actually do target fat cells. No, this does not mean you can take anavar and eat a McDonald's Big Mac supermeal everyday and still lose fat. Just because a steroid burns fat does not mean that it has infinite fat burning capability. Sorry, I had to get this out of the way because some idiot may always show up and say "steroids don't burn fat bro..."]

    So, my question is: Are there any PHs that actually burn fat in your experience? I guess one common answer will be SUPERDROL. Any others?

  2. when i took the ph tren, it was actually liquidrone i got real lean, not sure if it "ACTUALLY" burned fat but i got in real good shape. Some people ive seen take it got bloated though...huh... not sure. take var and trenbolone like you said.

  3. Dude again there are no Ph's that burn fat. cardio burns fat

  4. CLA targets fat and fat cells

  5. Clen can help you burn fat

  6. oh and fat burners burn fat try gaspari's cytolean v2, good stuff

  7. DNP!

    not a ph but it will deff burn fat off you haha

  8. hahaha clenviserate

  9. Every ph I've taken seems to lean me out a bit. If you can eat clean while on cycle. Then during pct you start losing a bit of the water weight and look real lean. I'm not even finished with my first week of mdrol and can tell a difference in my stomach.

  10. cardio-plex burns fat pretty well


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