SERM on Epi-Tren (Spawn Clone) + Other ?'s

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    SERM on Epi-Tren (Spawn Clone) + Other ?'s

    I'm running a bottle of epi-tren. This is my second cycle of epistane and trenadrol. I did a cycle of spawn about 6 months ago, and I had some questions.

    PCT is tamoxifen. 25 mg's a day.

    Liver Support. Fish Oils. Etc...

    1. A ordered 4 bottes of Tamoxifen. I was putting them in the freezer and a tub of whey fell down and knocked a bottle of Tamoxifen on the floor and it shattered. I licked it up is this bad for my cycle to have took an estro blocker once maybe twice while on it?

    2. Will my body have a "tolerance" to epistane and trenadrol since It has been in my body 6 months prior.

    3. Cardio. Since my body is an anabolic state most of the time. If I do intense cardio while taking in 3000 calories and bcaa's. Will I still be able to gain mass?

    By the way its day 3. Strength is rediculous.

    Thanks Guys Much Appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandb11 View Post
    knocked a bottle of Tamoxifen on the floor and it shattered. I licked it up

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