help with stack options!

  1. help with stack options!

    Ok.. this was the 8 week cycle I HAD been planning on running:

    week 1-8: 4ad
    week 4-8: m1t
    week 1-2: clen/t3/yohimbine
    week 3-4: eca/t3/yohimbine
    week 5-6: clen/t3/yohimbine
    week 7-8: eca/yohimbine

    My problem is that I have bene waiting to order the T-gel at PN as they are out of stock and no real word as to when they will be IN stock. I prefer to buy Chemo's product above all others.

    So, with no T-gel.... I want to run a quick 4 week'er again of just m-1-t (did that beginning of year with decent results).

    I have on hand:

    Usnic Acid

    I could run the m1t for 4 weeks and alternate every two weeks CLEN/T3/YOHIMBINE - ECA/T3/YOHIMBINE

    If I wanted to use the Usnic Acid... where could I place it in my stack or can I even do that?

    Thanks all!

    Appreciate any comments.


  2. Hold the usnic acid till after pct its supposed to put stress on your liver and your liver will have enough of that with the m1t

  3. Damn dude that is a pretty raw stack. Are you a competitive bodybuilder or what? It sounds like you are trying to lean out, but that is a heavy load of some strong compounds. I would advise againt T3 and the use of usnic acid should be avoided at all costs IMO especially while using a methylated compound such as m1t. I know this sounds preachy, but I'm sure you could achieve great results through a strict cardio and nutrition regimen alone.

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