HDrol cycle with existing gyno, advice please

  1. HDrol cycle with existing gyno, advice please

    Hi Guys,

    Im about to start a Hdrol cycle either 4 or 5 weeks at 75/75/75/75/75 , I have unnoticable very small gyno in right nipple from an Epidrol cycle, where I ran ATD as PTC, which obviously cause an estro rebound when coming off...

    I am currently tapering down off letro (unsuccesful at killing the gyno) to 0.5mg/EOD, and my questions are as follows:

    Should I just run the cycle now whilst tapering of Letro and just do a full Nolva PCT...

    Or should I run the nolva for letro estrogen rebound, and then start cycle in a month or so?

    Any advice whislt running this cycle with small gyno to make sure gyno doesnt get worse?


  2. what was the highest dose u ran letro? sounds like its bunk letro or ur having prolactin issues where letro wont work.

  3. It was 2.5mg the highest i ran, and i ran this for 3 weeks, totally killed my sex drive.. did nothing for the gyno which i only noticed 3 months ago (took a while to source letro),..

    My gyno right now is tiny, unnotivable, so i wanna run a cycle without making it worse, any advice?

    And isnt sorting out prolactin gyno really hard? (harsh drugs) tbh Id rather not totally **** my body up for the sake fo being able to run a hdrol cycle

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