PCT Assist or Stoked on Cycle?

  1. PCT Assist or Stoked on Cycle?

    Am looking for a good IC3 & Resveratrol product to use while on cycle. Would there be any problems with running Pct Assist or Stoked throughout my cycle along with my cycle support or cycle assist?

  2. I can see I3C on cycle but not really the resveratrol. I'd roll with cycle assist on cycle save stoked and pct assist for pct
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  3. The guys at PP say to use their Sustain on cycle-three on, three off to aid in quicker recovery. It has Resveratrol in it but not the 13C you're looking for. I don't know if this helps...

  4. Stoked does not contain I3C. Our product that contains I3C is TestoPRO.


    What are you hoping to achieve by using these products while on cycle and what are you cycling?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    What are you hoping to achieve by using these products while on cycle and what are you cycling?
    Am cycling Epistane weeks 1-5 with Alpha One weeks 1-3
    Using cycle support and liv 52 dosed seperately throughout the day.
    Also using Cel Formestane 2 squirts morning 2 evening

    I have a little pre-existing gyno from about 4 years ago. I used Cel PCT Assist a while ago and it seemed to keep everything in that department at bay very nicely. The little amount of gyno I had shrunk while on it and no soreness issues. I was going to just order Nows I3C with my next order but its out, and I dunno if the resveratrol and quircitin in PCT Assist was a big part of the help either so I was just going run PCT Assist with my cycle just to be on the safe side and maybe lower my formestane dose to 1 squirt, twice a day.....
    sound any good?
    Just wanted to be precautious and use what i know helps, because I don't want a flareup.

  6. Sorry, but I'm not much help in the gyno department. I know that I've heard a lot of guys say that formestane helps a lot with it, especially transdermal form. I would probably concentrate on getting rid of the gyno via formestane and then run a cycle.

    ...and I'm not going to be very supportive of your cycle. You're stacking a moderate and strong methyl for three weeks. I've always been a less is more guy
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