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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Jergo
    Marcus, and ps2, are you guys from Pittsburgh? If not then there stations will be different wherever you live. From my experience w/ my hometown, yes, IMO they are the most fair...
    No, I work in Mass. And I don't usually watch the local Fox channel. I didn't read your post properly and thought you meant the Fox news cable channel 41.

    I'll lol if I hear 'Celtic Conquerer' mentioned on TV.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ps24eva
    i'm in pittsburgh
    Fox news is terrible.
    I watch it all the time though so I can laugh at their idiocy.

    BTW, do you know where to get lifting chalk around here?

    Not sure but I think a supp shop in monroeville might have it. I'll have to ask my girl what the name of it is.

  3. I hope they are going to interview Rick Collins or Bill L wonder who they will pick?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bigmark1972
    I hope they are going to interview Rick Collins or Bill L wonder who they will pick?
    bill l... he did a very good job too.. they also interviewed a bodybuilding doctor, who gave a laymans description of anabolic steroids.

    however, not enough time was given to the pro side of the argument. too much time was devoted to people who oppose gear. not to mention they totally over-sensationalized the issue.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    all I have to say is keep him out of here..
    NO need for the media here it will be nothing but a pain in the (ASS)There one sided and they get paid to bash people's opinion's.They will find one bad thing about something then it's all over,they don't care about our opinion if it don't help them sell a story!!!

  6. No kidding Toast.
    My favorite teaser is "Five things in your house that could kill you.......later at 10:00!"

    LOL.....thanks jack-asses. You would think if it really was dangerous they would tell you now. But 'danger' and other stupid crap sells. How about just some news.


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