someone please help him!

  1. someone please help him!

    hey i was browsing this boxing forum (im a boxer) but for some reason cant log in, anyways i came across this guy who took a 4 week cycle of 1test and dosent know what he is doing and just came off, and isnt doing ANY PCT, dosent even know what it is. someone please give him the link to the PH FAQ or something
    i would but i cant log in!****152177

    err, i wonder how many people take **** without researching what the **** it is first.... scary

  2. don't worry, my good friend darwin is helping him already.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mrfumetsu
    don't worry, my good friend darwin is helping him already.

  4. Chances are he'll be fine, just a little moody for a few weeks. If he keeps taking it without PCT then he'll be a sight to see..big muscles with tits in the ring..yuck.

    Direct him to a board or tell him to stop.

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