Need Advice From Guys That Have Used H-drol AND Oral Turinabol...

  1. Question Need Advice From Guys That Have Used H-drol AND Oral Turinabol...

    Hey guys,

    As the subject says Im looking for some advice from anybody who has used BOTH of these compounds or may have a clear cut answer to my question I want to address...

    Ran a h-drol cycle just few months back, great gains, happy with everything apart from some cramping that started at end of week 2 at 50mg of h-drol...until week 5 it was getting quite unberable as working out was difficult because of the cramping and muscles feel like there "pulling" ... only went upto 75mg on the h-drol.

    My question is this...has anybody who may have experienced the sides of cramping on the h-drol had the SAME side effect from the OT?

    Before anybody scolds me about my cycle I ran I didn't realise i would be in need of some electrolytes to keep on hand as I already had some taurine, turns out the taurine was getting used up fast and It finished before my h-drol cycle ended and generally didn't prevent the cramping.

    So...Has anybody who used h-drol and got the cramping, used OT and had the same side effect or did the OT treat them better?

    Im aware that OT is generally more potent mg to mg compared to H-drol, apart from this issue I had, i have no problem with running this compound again early next year but am seriously considering going with the OT incase I can prevent the cramping somehow.

    Thanks fellows for your time, I will do some more research on this myself If needed but just wanted some people with experience on both to shed some light here without scolding me.


  2. I used hdrol @ 100 mg and got bad calf cramps til I upped my water intake, and yes I got the same cramps sometimes worse on TBOL when I ran it @70 mg. The only orals that seem to bother me with cramping is var/tbol/hdrol - I dont really know why just happens to me.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences, its much appreciated. 70mg sounds like a high dose to me, I dont think i'll be running it at anything over 50mg to be honest, most likely just 40mg throughout my cycle...Im really leaning towards getting the OT as opposed to running an Epistane pulse in February. Already getting 200 x 10mg of these beauties at a very decent price.

    Just looking for more experiences if anybody can share, and if anybody did anything successfully to stop their cramping? It would be much appreciated.

  4. i ran my h-drol at 100mg/day, didnt have any sort of cramping other than back pumps but they were very mild, then again i drink min 2 gallons of h20/day.

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