First cycle... how many calories?

  1. First cycle... how many calories?

    I've just started my first AAS cycle (have done four PH/PS cycles). The plan is 500 mg a week of test e, for 10 weeks. Will probably frontload with 10 mg of M1t ed for the first two or three weeks.

    I'm 205 lbs, 14-15% bodyfat and maintenance calories for me seems to be around 3,300 a day. How many calories should I shoot for? I want to pick up as much lean mass as possible, while avoiding fat gain (doesn't everyone ), as in the last 6 months I've lost quite a bit of fat. I was thinking 4,000 cals with a 40%P/35%C/25%F breakdown.

  2. That seems like a good start. Make sure to monitor your stats weekly or bi-weekly in order to get the most out of your goals. You can buy a cheapo skin caliper, tape measure, etc. and really keep an eye on your progress. Thats what I do when cutting.

    The ratio seems descent too, but just make sure you get in 2grams of protein per lb. of bodyweight in order to take full advantage of the increased protein synthesis. Then whatever cals you got left with the carbs and fats, split those up as close as you can with the afformentioned ratio.

    Probably know most of this, but its always a good refresher course when planning out a successful upcoming cycle.

  3. Eat lean meats, complex carbs, plenty of water.. Get at least 20g fiber per day, and use digestive enzymes when you eat lots of protein, and get your B-vitamins..

    You can clean bulk on 4500cals with minimal fat gain, I should be a lard ass if it ain't possible..

  4. Thanks Jergo and BigPete. Yeah I already use a combination of scale, tape measure and calipers. Last summer I was 235 at 30% BF, so I've make great progress. Added quite a bit of muscle, and dropped a lot of fat. Want to take full advantage of the increased protein synthesis, but at the same time be careful I don't add too much fat. I'll start at 4,000 and see how it goes.

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