PA claims 6-oxo is strongest compound

  1. Angry PA claims 6-oxo is strongest compound

    patrick arnold declared that his 6-oxo is best for pct and that nothing is stronger but hcg "the only thing that he could think about" att

  2. Whats new.I was so surprised when he started complaining that people were pimping their wares on

  3. I'm not surprised, that forum has gone downhill.

  4. well, i like 6oxo, I think its too expensive tho.

  5. Such is the cost of innovation.

  6. I think people are too willing to quickly bash 6oxo.

  7. it worked good for me, but it is a bit expensive.

  8. it also worked fine for me, but as said: too much $$. The cost-benefit does not work out well IMO.

    Regarding if it is "stronger"....unfortunatel y I think we'd have to agree to a definition of the word "stronger" and what that implies to make judgements on that, especially if PA was involved in the discussion.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by size
    I think people are too willing to quickly bash 6oxo.
    I totally agree...ironic as it sounds I felt more (quicker libido recovery) with the 6oxo than with the tamoxifen. By far the latter is more economical, but results FOR ME was more noticable with the former.

  10. OXO did zip for me and scared the hell out of me when i didnt recover well.

  11. how many mgs did you take?

  12. Sorry to hear that...people shouldn't get flamed for posting their response to a given product, because not everything works for everyone, and this is the only way to gather information before deciding to try a specific product.

  13. I've only used it once, and I can say that nolva definately made me "feel" like I was recovering better and faster, does this mean its so? Who knows w/o blood work. But the gross puss-filled pimples that I got when on the 6oxo were enough to turn me off for good.... Ihave since ran 5 or so more cycles with nolva and didn't have a flair up once with the nolva. Besides the breakout I had with spiro cream.

  14. The best recovery I ever had was using Nolva (40mg/20/20) with 300mg 6-oxo for 3 weeks. I am using nolva & clomid right now with not as much success.

    This is all based on feeling recovered (libido, testicular size, etc). No actual blood test.

  15. thats funny u should say that Longdog, because this last cycle was the first time i did the nolva/6oxo combo after *ahem individuals got my clomid* , and I think it worked out better this way, I was really pleased with recovery.

  16. When I first saw that thread a few days ago and the guy said "I don't have access to NOLVADEX, so i'm stuck with either formastat or 6-OXO," I figured posting in that thread would be a waste of time. At least PA stated, "as far as i can tell nolva and clomid offer no clear advantage over 6-OXO (except price if you can find them)" and later "i never made the claim that 6-oxo was stronger," so he at least stopped short of saying 6-OXO was better. He has enough status that few people would challenge such a statement.

    BTW, when they started discussing daidzin, EDog's scientist, Seth Roberts made an appearance. Do any of you more advanced bros believe he knows his stuff? (Yes, I know that EDog is a dirty word around here, but I still want to know why Seth is or is not knowledgeable. I will not take PA's word for it, since he always bashes everyone else's products and science.) What he said sounded convincing, but I do not have sufficient background to evaluate the discussion.

  17. I did 6caps week 1/4-5caps week2/4caps week3/3caps week4.Its was something like that.It was 2 bottles.Did not work well at all.That was my one and only PCT for prohormones with OXO.Now I use Nolva.Works so much better according to feeling recovery though some might argue that blood work should be done.No doubt there but I know OXO doesn't work for me.I am not afraid to say it.I have been flamed for saying it.I think PA is funny saying its the best bar none.I am sure he will rephrase that.But maybe not.Well i learnt a long time ago bout doin your own research.


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