1. T-gel

    so T-gel lists that it holds a max of 10g powder. If you put 12g of powder in would this prevent those extra 2g of powder from being absorbed? If I heated the T-gel when I added the powder I think you could make a super-saturated solution with 12g in it. Not sure though. What do you guys think

  2. I think Bobo said he got 11 or 12g into 4oz of the new gel. I would say start with 10, then see if you can another 1/2g in there, & increase as much as you think will go in. If you just dump 12g powder in, you may get a lot undissolved. Note- 4ad is harder to dissolve than other PHs. If using just 4ad, you probably wont get more than 10.

  3. Yeah well its going to be my first cycle and I was going to go with 200mg of 1-test, 200mg 4-ad a day....but I think I'm just going to add 5g of each into the gel and go on a 5 week cycle followed by nolva.

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