How is this for a cutting supp?

  1. How is this for a cutting supp?

    Im 5'11 190lbs-If i were to guess i would say between 9-10% bf
    I have been bulking the past few months because it is winter but just planned a trip to costa rica in early Jan so need to shred up by then. Looking to be around 180lbs. I have a supplement i bought about a year ago and have just been sitting on and plan to run it for 2 weeks to help the cut move along. It contains:
    5mg of SD
    25mg of Halodrol
    10mg of Tren
    Have all the support supps i need in Cycle Support. Started that a week ago, also am using Joint support because of all the dryness i expect from these 3 compounds. I am dosing one a morning for 2 weeks.

    For PCT i have nolva and will use it prolly 20/20. Also have some novedex xt and post cycle support from annabolic innovations. Going to run 2-3 miles ED unless my legs are too sore. If there too sore ill walk up hill for an hour while playing a game of madden on XBOX360

    Hows everything look?

  2. Well alot of people on this forum are against ph's that have combined compounds due to the fact of how their dosed. And yours I'm sorry to say kinda has that problem too man. I'm guessing you take 2 serveings a day or that's what the directions say? Everything in this is underdosed, the only results your gonna see is from that 10mgs of SD in there, my advice man.... Just buy the compounds individually brother

  3. Agree they our underdosed. Since you will be cutting and not trying to gain weight you should be fine. Give it a try and tell us what happened.

  4. What is the name of the product?

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