need help

  1. need help

    im looking for something a little stronger than H-drol with minimal side effects what do u suggest? not M-drol though

  2. epistane

  3. side effects?

  4. google it, its one of the most commonly used oral steroids. we're not here to spoon feed. do some basic research and come back with ur questions

  5. What is your intended outcome, i.e., size, strength, recomp, cut? Epi is good for a cut or recomp but less than spectacular for mass. Your goal will determine your choice of compounds.

  6. I want to gain strength and mass and cut bf from 10% to 8% maybe gain 10 pounds or so

  7. You could possibly do a 6 week Epi pulse at 20-30 (mg) X3/week. Do HIIT cardio on your off days. Eat a primarily CKD diet ^360g protein with some carbs before your workout on lifting days and total around 3000-3500 kCal ED to start with. The sides from the Epi should be minimal however I would have a SERM on hand as well as standard cycle support pre-load and through cycle/pct. Standard pct advised. Cheers bro.


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