Enlighten me

  1. Enlighten me

    I was wondering if lets say your on test stacked with something else like tren or winny perhaps and you run the tren/winny 4 weeks past the test. Would the period of the test diminishing from ur body in those 4 weeks cause estrogen to rebound or remain? or diminish as well with the test so u can dry out and let the water clear????? Is the question clear? will the bloat fade since the test has discontinued or will estrogen still lurk?

  2. Why run tren past your test. Just does not make sense IMO. Most run test longer or at least as long as tren if they stack it with it.

    Test = your base !

  3. It depends on what the test your running is.....enth most will switch to prop and run it the last 2 weeks with the tren and HCG then run your PCT..... but you shouldn't have to much water running tren..

    Tren Winny prop ...this what they cycled in the first 6 days then they rested...on the 7th day

  4. SO basically no one really answered my question,will estrogen and bloat still remain or will it diminish along with the test????

  5. I don't know for sure, but my gut instinct is that it will drop back to "normal-ish" since both of those compounds don't aromatize, and then come back HARD once you stop them due to being shutdown pretty hard.

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  6. It should deminish.............but there are no gaurantees.
    Everyone is different with these substances.

  7. your not going to bloat on tren .....it won't happen


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