E-stane batch#bunk?

  1. E-stane batch#bunk?

    I am just looking for some feedback on the E-stane I am running 2wks in and I dont feel like I am on anything I have run a few cycles so I can tell anyways my batch # is j04229 any feedback on that batch??

  2. I have not heard any bad batches of E-Stane I believe you are good to go!

  3. what dosage are u using? I didn't get any gains from 30mg of estane, but did notice increase in bp.
    but it worked good as an a.i. @ 10mg. so im thinking i should of used it higher.

  4. yea what dosage? I got decent gains from a very conservative cycle of 10/20/30/40 (i think, might have been 20/20/30/40) but you're a bigger guy than me. some people run it at 50 w/ good results.

  5. Yeah running 30mg ED might have to bump it up a bit.



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