M5AA question

  1. M5AA question

    I am thinking of adding this to my test E stack (600mg weekly)

    Strength is my #1 goal in this cycle... additionally.. weight is moving up nicely but not super crazy.. and i am leaning up a bit too

    but i am a bit bloated/holding water.. currently only using nolva at 10 mg a day

    i am hoping that you guys here will think that m5aa would be a great addition to my stack.

    i would hope that it would really boost my strength... help lean up a bit and also help lower the bloat a bit..

    how do you think i should run it and what effects do you think it will have?

  2. It would be great with test, it will help fight the estrogen sides and be great for strength. You will definately hold less water.

  3. I have Iceman testing it out on BB.com, and he is increasing in strength really nicely.


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