avoiding gyno

  1. avoiding gyno

    bros,im starting my first cycle this weekend 500mg test base trans per week
    I want to avoid gyno,know a bro who had it, ****ed up.
    anyways, if i took 10 mg nolva ed how bad would it hinder gains.
    how long do you have to have it before its bad enough for surgery
    thank bros.

  2. Wont hinder gains, and its up to you how long until surgery. Some people have a small lump and its not noticable, some will even get that removed.

  3. Im not positive, but everything I have read lately, specificallya couple of threads over at CEM, say that this is a myth...it wont noticably hinder gains or at least there is no evidence to support this. Here is one thread...

  4. think 10 mg would pretty much be safe

  5. So you guys recommend taking 10mg ed while on test. to avoid gyno?

  6. I just don't see the point unless you start to show any sign of symptoms.

    BTW how many threads can you poossibly make over one damn test base cycle?? I'm glad you're curious and want to learn, but maybe you should just do more damn reading and less typing.


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