PCT- Clomid, Trib, & ZMA

  1. PCT- Clomid, Trib, & ZMA

    hey gang,

    I'm just about to end 19 days of M1/4AD and will be starting my pct on Sunday.
    BTW - I am extremely happy with the results. I went from 2 reps with the 120lb dumbells (bench) to 6 reps just this morning. All other exercises increased beyond my expectations.

    I already have some Clomid which I plan to do 150mg for 10 days, 100mg for 5 days, and then 50mg for 5 days. I also have some Tribex500 and ZMA.

    My question:
    Will I get any added benefit to my test recovery if I take the Tribex500 and ZMA (at night) to my Clomid?

    Any insight would be appreciated.



  2. I have heard that tribulus can actually keep your natural test levels from returning as quickly. I have not researched it, but I'm sure you can find some info this. Its best to use on-cycle or in-between cycles IMO. You'll be fine with just the Clomid. I'd use the Tribex after a month or so before your next cycle.

    ZMA should work for you. I personally don't like because I break out from it.

  3. Good insight. Thanks Longdog!


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