Lipostabil for Gyno

  1. Lipostabil for Gyno

    I was just kind of thinking about this and wondering if it would actually be effective. As of right now, most things outside of surgery aren't options for gyno. The verdict still really isn't out on lipostabil but if it does indeed work on fat cells where injected, could you possibly hit the nips and go to town? Would it work on a lump? hmmm


  2. I can't wait to see. I don't really have gyno, but I'm sure I could peel off a tiny bit of fat there.

    AND NO, RAYBRAVO, don't start the little n1pple here. LOL! BUMP for puffies!

  3. I guess if it did reduce some fatty deposits in the area that's good, but it's not really helping to cure the problem I'd think. I take it you're thinking like lipo and nolva concurrently, right?

  4. I've been waiting to try lipo ...I don't have gyno but I would love to see some before and after pics

  5. I have heard mixed reviews on the lipostabil. I think though it is more of a misusage by the user rather than the product.

    Have you considered andractim?
    ANother option would be LIGF-1 or GH into the site.

    The thought of a nipple injection scares me.

  6. I have not tried this product but from what I have heard from people who have used Lipostabil to reduce fat locally it supposedly is very successful, but the word on it's effect on gyno is inconclusive so far.

  7. There is a guy over at MC that tried this and it did nothing for him. He said the injections were extremely painful and caused significant swelling in the area and after the swelling susbided, nothing happened. He also stopped after a week because the injections were to painful.
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  8. I've only read just a couple feedback posts about it which is NOT enough to make a verdict about anything yet. There is simply not enough of us using it yet to say it it does or doesn't work...

  9. Check out MC. There are a good amount of cycle logs.
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  10. Gyno is not just fat at the site of a nipple it is much more complex. I tried pgf2a and it did nothing and from my thoughts neither would any other fat loss supplement on gyno. Again it is not just fat there it is much more extensive



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