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    Hope someone can help with this and I hope this explination is not too convoluted. Just got back from the doc's office reviewing lab reports. Blood work was drawn 15 days after end of m1t cycle - 3 weeks total, 2 weeks @ 20mg/day, 1 at 25mg/day. Wanted 1 more week on it but serious kidney infection forced an end. Went off everything for one week, protein, creatine, m1t and 4AD/1,4AD transdermal. Not the ideal way to end as there was no PCT. Went back on the transdermal after one week out of fear my test levels would be at zero. after 1 week back on transdermal Doc did blood work including checking test levels. Test was at 1065ng/dl (I think that is the way it is measured). This is two weeks off the m1t. I've read supersoldier's thread on "this is your liver" and his test levels were at zero at points of the cycle. Now, here is the question! Could 200mg of 4AD and 200 mg of 1,4Ad, transdermally ED account for a reading like this! When supersoldier had his tested even with 30mg ED m1t the readings were still near zero. Sorry this got so wordy just want to paint a clear picture of conditions at time of test.
    Thanks for any help understanding these results. Oh, by the way... I would be tickeled pink to maintain a 1065 test level, that's like a 19 year olds I think I could live with that!

  2. The 4AD is screwing up your bloodtest since blood was taken during your cycle.

  3. I was wondering if that could do it. I did skip 1 application before the test so it had been 24 hrs (not that I was hoping to test low and get a legit script!) since I had applied any. I was also wondering if that would affect it because in supersoldier's tests he was testing at zero while taking 30 mg a day m1t. If that is it, I guess I would be suprised that 4AD could raise your levels that high especialy at just 200 mg a day.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by azgymrat
    (not that I was hoping to test low and get a legit script!)
    Man, I was thinking the exact same thing.

  5. Did a little more reading and found that 4AD is what the compounding pharmacies use for their hormone replacement therapies so that must be what screwed me up. I was thinking if the tests didn't show the m1t they wouldn't show the 4AD either. I didn't realize that 1 test is related to what 1,4AD converts to and would probably have to be tested for specificaly to shpw up. On the bright side, it is nice to know that for about $.20 a day an old man can have the test levels of young kid again. Redoing the tests in three months, I'll make sure I've been off for a couple of weeks just to be sure. My Dad use to get a shot every 2 weeks of test cyp because he had low test, that would be fine with me.

  6. When I was on T1-pro at 1 squirt 2X/day I tested myself and my testosterone was like 262 ng/dl. That would have been 83.3 mg of trans 4AD daily. I wouldn't be suprised if 200mg/day would get you around 1000 ng/dl. There are different lab instruments that test for testosterone, but the one I use is VERY specific, and the S.O.P. lists all the derivatives of testosterone that could interfere with the result, and what percent it could be off by, and the highest interference rate is DHT which is less than 3%. So I'd be pretty certain that the 4AD is actually converting to that much testosterone.

  7. Supersoldier I pm'ed you.

  8. All very interesting. I think this certainly sounds like the answer. Thanks to all for the input. Supersoldier - thanks, I was going to PM you with the question as you had done all those tests. Mucho garcias.


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