Pulsing epi, gotta a couple questions

  1. Pulsing epi, gotta a couple questions

    hey guys,
    so i was thinking about pulsing epi. my lifting schedule will be
    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: off
    Wednesday: Chest/tris
    Thursday: off
    Friday: Back/Bi
    Saturday: Shoulders
    Sunday: off
    So i will take epi on all my workout days.

    my questions are:

    1. As far as cycle length and proper pct is concerned. I will be just using a non serm pct and was wondering if i should just stick to a 4 wk cycle or if its still safe to go the 8 wks without a serm? Im sure a lot of it i will have to go by feel and listen to my body. but any advice would be great

    2. I have a lot more research to do as far as my pct, so i will be doing that but if people want to list some ideas that would be helpful. (like i said i will still be doing my own research but i figure research + advice from more experience people would be good)

    3. i have read of several people taking AI's on off days or different cycle supports and was just wondering for an epi pulse cycle what people's thoughts were.

    Thanks guys for all the info.

  2. also do people have a preference between E-stane and epistane? i hear both IBE and CEL are good brands...

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