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    I don't want to hijack this thread or anything, but it seems like everyone has there questions answered and this should still fall under "guidance to SERM"

    I saw that you are pretty knowledgeable on the topic and I have a quick question. I have some nipple puffiness that has been left over from a Ep/Tren cycle from over a year ago. I am planning on running a Hdrol/Tren cycle with all of the proper support supps, 1-carboxy, vitex, 5-p-5, cycle assist etc, but I am unsure of how to dose the Letro or Exemestane.

    I have read that it's best to start the Letro two weeks before my PH cycle starts and then to taper it down after another week or so. My concern is with the estrogen rebound. I will have Toremifene ready as a SERM, but I won't be using it until the end of my 6 week PH cycle. What do you suggest I use to keep the estrogen rebound in check after using Letro for a couple weeks in the beginning of my cycle?

    Or would you suggest a different route for getting rid of the nipple puffiness that I have now, and keeping it off throughout my cycle?

    Thanks in advance.

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    so i just finished my ph cycle today, i had my last pill at 3pm. do i start my torem tonight or should i wait till tomorrow night to start
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    Quote Originally Posted by dothereject View Post
    so i just finished my ph cycle today, i had my last pill at 3pm. do i start my torem tonight or should i wait till tomorrow night to start
    I've always started PCT the following day......I dont think dosing final dose and PCT on the same day is a good idea.....sounds pretty counter productive.....start PCT the following day....and if taking a SERM I usually wait till early evening to take.....I'm sure there are other opinions...but this way is unique because this one is mine.....

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    ^^I agree. No reason to do both in the same day.


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