Want to start my second cycle, help needed.

  1. Want to start my second cycle, help needed.

    So a little info, I'm 21yr old 6' and 220-225lbs. I have been training and lifting hard for several years. My first cycle I did was spawn and I loved it. It got me from 210 to 220 and I've kept the weight ever since. So now that I'm itching to do another cycle I was looking for something similar to spawn.
    I did not get any gyno and had only minor testicular atrophy. Also back pains were pretty horrible but not enough to make me want to stop.
    So I heard you can get the same compounds in spawn for cheaper and can take them in better doses so if someone could maybe list those compounds and what the doses would be that would be awesome.
    I'm looking for some good mass gains but I also want to get cut. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm definitely a newb, and have been reading a lot just trying to learn as much as possible but suggestions and advice would be really helpful. Thanks!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mtho68 View Post
    I'm looking for some good mass gains but I also want to get cut.
    so is everyone on this and every other bbing forum.....but thats not how it works. pick one goal, bulking or cutting....and go for it, when u reach it, set another goal.

  3. K well I guess I would say mass gains is more important. But if people want to throw out some ideas for more of a mass gainer cycle and then one for a cutting cycle that would be awesome. Thanks

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