just getting back, need some help

  1. just getting back, need some help

    Age - 35
    Height - 6'5
    Weight - 290
    BF - Prob 25

    Ive pretty much trained my whole life. High School athletics and then college. Afterwards I continued lifting hard and heavy. I recently had to take some time off, but have been killin' it again for like the last 3 months. Right now, I'm all natural and I'm pretty much the biggest, stongest guy at the gym I go to. Big gym, small town. Sure, some guys are more cut, but I like to think I'm alot stronger. I'm eating mass amounts of protein and shakes, and jumped from 270 to 290 really easy in 3 months. I would like to get to about 300 but have a good cut and vascularity. I have been asked what kind of gear I am on by more than a few people, but I have never done a cycle. I would like to now though, any suggs?

  2. My suggestion would be to skip the gear and stay on the track you're on. If you want to lean out then adjust diet accordingly but trying to lean out while adding another 10+ pounds with your body fat where it is probably is not realistic. If I were you I would drop down my carbs to lean out until my body fat was somewhere around 10% and then clean bulk from there. Of course this would all be a very long process but well worth it!

  3. keepbuilding hit it right on. get ur bf% down and u will look/feel better and decide what u want to do from there.

  4. I'm really only guessing my BF. I don't have much of a gut, 36 inch wiast 52inch chest. My BF could actually be quite a bit lower, I was guessing on the extreme side.

  5. Either way I still say focus on one goal: 1. Cut until you are as lean as you want then clean bulk or 2. Go for the 300lbs now and don't worry about your BF%. This will just make your goal more achievable. If you set too many goals at once (especially if they conflict) you will end up not knowing where you are at. Just my advice!



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