My EQ isnt amber color!

  1. My EQ isnt amber color!

    I dunno if I should be worried but my EQ didnt come out amber colored like KC's on his thread. I know I didnt mess the brew up, just never done EQ before.
    200mg/ml brew. My source is legit, its the same KC uses, and all my other gear has been good. Just curious if I should be worried or not.

  2. darker colored?

  3. Lighter actually, it looks about the same as my prop, and my cyp, and enan.
    But I use the same source is KC, so I know its legit, all the others have been so far. Working great right now.

  4. I won't worry about it.. it might be that you have thinnner oil or something on those lines..

  5. Yeah someone pointed out that fina conversion pictures are different all the time, and they are all good brews, Just weird because it looks almost the same but the liquid was a little darker, and nothign like KC's. Never making it before I figured Id make sure.

  6. I know the feeling also.. you have that nagging fear in the back of your head that you fcked up..

  7. Depending on the oil, the color will vary. Eq undec raw though should be amber.


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