Help me choose an oral(s) for cycle

  1. Help me choose an oral(s) for cycle

    Hey guys. I need a little help. I'll be running a test/eq cycle (14 weeks, moderate dose) in a few weeks and would like a little help choosing an oral(s) for the first 4-6 weeks and an oral as the esters clear at the end of the cycle. I have access to the illicit stuff but I have a good amount of DS's so I'm gonna use that instead. Goals = size and strength.

    Here's what I have:

    X-Mass (13-ethyl, not 19-nor)

    Past experiences:

    M-Drol: Fast gains but tough to keep. Don't exactly feel great while on it.
    P-Plex: Good all-around bulker. No sides.
    X-Mass: No experience.
    H-Drol: No experience.
    Trenadrol: No experience.

    Some ideas:

    M-Drol and P-Plex: Everyone seems to be digging the M-drol and P-plex combo so I might try that. 30mg of p-plex and 20mgs of M-Drol.

    H-Drol and Trenadrol: I've read some good reviews about stacking these. I'm considering 90mgs and 100mgs of H-drol for 6 weeks.

    P-Plex and X-Mass: Just seems like a good combo. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Lemme hear so more ideas guys.


  2. I would choose either SD or PP and go from there. In my experience, either one of those will pack on all the mass you allow it to, and stacking them is kind of a waste..not to mention extra stress on your body. Maybe throw in Trenadrol or X-Mass if you really want to be taking 4 compounds at once, but even then you are more likely to run into BP issues early on in your cycle. If you've never experienced what high blood pressure feels like, which is how I was about a year's not fun. It culminated with debilitating headaches at the start of each workout, forcing me to pop pain pills like it was my job (God forbid we go a week without lifting right lol) and putting MORE stress on my liver. I say pick one oral and let it do it's thing...6 weeks of p-plex would be my vote.

  3. You're prolly right. I've never used Trenadrol but I really wanna use it after all the reviews I've read. Well, that and I have 9 bottles lol.

    So, I'm thinking 30mgs of phera and 90 mgs of trenadrol for 6 weeks.

    Sound good?

  4. I dunno about you but that would probably result in more gyno if i ran those two combined(rough enough when run by themselves--especially if you arent monitoring it closely).

    the old X-mass is awesome for size and strength. if i stacked it with another in your list it would be m-drol (with blood pressure support)

  5. If you haven't run trenadrol I think you would be pleasantly surprised with it..specifically the strength gains...I like that idea of phera at 30 and trenadrol at 90...I ran that exact cycle for 6 weeks by itself last year without the injectables and it was awesome. I assume you've got some experience with steroids so I don't think this is necessarily over-doing it. Plus I love trenadrol so I say go for it and just make sure you monitor your BP...the 13-ethyl (old x-mass) is what gave me the blood pressure problems (well I was stacking it with epistane but I know epistane didn't cause it...P-plex +trenadrol gets my vote



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