American Cellular Labs

  1. American Cellular Labs

    Their original Tren product any good?

  2. sure its good... if you can find it, they were the first company to go down b/c they put out a good product

  3. dude that stuff right now is golden!. ha ....IF you can get it. Its in the PH hall of fame with the org. mass tabs, M1T, orastan-e, the old gaspari halodrol 50, org. Superdrol, etc.
    Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

  4. Finding it is not the problem. Just always heard good and bad about it. I have access to a lot of it.

  5. Well I can tell you personally, I took it it back in may with mass extreme and that was the best ph cycle I have ever done in my life point blank. Strength was unbeliveable. I felt like I could walk through a wall everytime I worked out. Dude if you access to it I'd totattaly get on it man



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