sore joints or something else?

  1. sore joints or something else?

    Hey all,

    Thought I'd pose this question and see what happens. I got off my H-drol/mmv2 cycle about half a week ago(i'll post the cycle outline at the bottom). Anyway, all my joints are fine except my knees. If I try to do any sort of cardio(run, play sports) they get really sore to the point that it's tough to walk the remainder of the day. I did not use Animal Flex, but I've been thinking about going and picking some up. Regardless, my knees are still as sore as they were on cycle. Would you diagnosis this as just dry joints, and something that will go away on it's own(hopefully in the next week or so) or would you say this is a different problem, and what you you attribute it to?

    Preload Cycle Support for 10 days @1 scoop per day
    8 Fish Oil caps
    Animal Pak vitamins

    Cycle Support @2 scoops per day
    8 Fish Oil caps
    Animal Pak vitamins

    H-drol: 50/75/75/75/75
    MMv2: -/5/5/5/5 *5=5 caps per day

    8 Fish Oil caps
    Animal Pak vitamins
    Lean Xtreme starting day 14 of PCT
    LG Sciences T911 for 4 weeks 3/3/2/2
    Nolva 20/20/10/10


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