adding anadrol got questions

  1. adding anadrol got questions

    On cycle now with test cyp 750mg to 1g per week and tren acetate 100mg EOD. Going
    To add anadrol how would u recommend introducing at what mg have 30 50mg tabs.

  2. 50mg for 30 days. ive heard below is a waste. some like to go up to 100mg ed

  3. with thirty 50mg tabs you've really only got one option
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  4. I would save it for anothet cycle. Really no need when running a gram of test with as much tren ur using also. Far too much just for rec. use IMO!!!

  5. its not the test.... its the tren^ IMO

    ur already running tren no need for anadrol. tren is very strong

  6. Will save for when I drop the tren out of the cycle. I appreciate the advice


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