syno/fina ? how long after brewing

  1. syno/fina ? how long after brewing

    when i brew up my syno to prop powder,and add it to ba/bb/oil ,how long can i let it sit on the shelf ready to use ? the same with fina because of wait time btn cycles. or maybe just make powder and add to ba/bb/oil bake when im ready to use it.

  2. I just keep mine vacume sealed and in a desicator jar untill I want to use it. Then I brew what I need and save the rest for the next cycle. With Fina & Syno it would prob be best to store what you aren't needing right away as the carts they come in.

  3. Cool

    As candle said, I'd only brew what i need for the cycle at hand and keep the rest as "powder" or cartridges. On the other hand, a home brew should have the same life span as a commercial product which could possibly be several years but I'd say about 3 months is probably long enough. This all assumes that you did everything asseptically and sterilized everything properly during/after brewing.

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