torn acl

  1. torn acl

    I play college football and tore my acl and messed up my knee cap on wed in practice. I will need surgery and will probably use a pateller tendon graft for reconstruction. I know it is a huge long shot but i would like to come back real bad. I was wondering if any type of steroid/ prohormone could aid me in my recovery and rehab. I currently have a bottle of Havoc, 2 1-T, 1 dermacrine and thats about it. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thank you.

  2. this might be wierd but....i think i talked to your dad the other day. Basically, anything that may or may not be beneficial, and its up in the air whether it will be or not, is going to fail you a drug test.

  3. my dad? Huh? Im medically redshirted and therefore no drug testing..

  4. Anabolic steroids do not aid much in connective tissue regeneration.

  5. yeah i know that...i mean the quadracep musculature thats gonna be dough by the beginning of recovery

  6. Yeah it's the nature of the beast. Interestingly, if one were to train the good leg, the other would develop/retain the same neural transmission patterns . The differene would be that the untrained leg would not develop the same biochemically.

  7. yeah i have heard that...Its tough right now being in a stright brace. I was jsut think more of when i start rehabing if it would increase recovery and muscle development in the bad leg and if there is any suggestion on a cycle.

  8. IGF-1 is the best option.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  9. yeah thats what ive heard. I just have no access to it and doubt my team doc will prescribe and administer it.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pavb10 View Post
    yeah thats what ive heard. I just have no access to it and doubt my team doc will prescribe and administer it.
    NO DOC will prescribe IGF to a healthy young men like urself.
    Get ur hands on it, shot. May b some HGH?
    I know EQ help strength tendons wich makes it a special steroid because steroids make ur muscle fibers grow and not the tendons so injuries could happen.

    its late and im tired. sry if i dont make sense.

  11. that sucks man

  12. what is EQ?

    Is there any benifit of taking say 20 mg or so of Havoc on Physical therapy days? Does anyone have any advice or any company on here have a product they would really wana test on recovery??


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