Mass Tabs, which is the real deal ??

  1. Mass Tabs, which is the real deal ??

    I seem to find a couple different labels out there of this stuff and am wondering if they are the same thing. Both have proprietary blends with Sten in them, but one says Stenbolone (tm) and the other says MethylSten. Which is the real deal or are they both good ??
    Remember why you started.

  2. both are good,they are the same new and old

  3. Thanks man, a little research seemed to conclude the same thing. Went ahead and ordered some.
    Remember why you started.

  4. good luck with the cycle,love the stuff

  5. God father when you startin your cycle bro? im startin mine next week we should communicate on this...also just curious whats you PCT lookin like?

  6. Not too sure when I plan on starting this, soon I'm sure. My PCT will be probably Clomid , Nolva, Vitex, Lean Xtreme. I'll let ya know bro.
    Remember why you started.

  7. I'm also interested in running this stuff. What exactly is this Stenbolone (tm)?

  8. nice sounds like a solid pct I ordered l-dex and liquinolva for pct... i will prolly run the l-dex and keep the liquinolvqa on hand in case some gyno pops up... one of my fellow lifters is an older guy who was on the "real juice" for 16 years and he told me out of all the PH/DS he has tried that mass tabs feal the closest to real gear...exciting huh...for the guy who asked about sten...just google stenbolone and read the the article entitled stenbolone:in depth profile....this should tell you most of what you need to has been compared to superdrol and M1T and also reffered to as a primobol clone...hope that helps a little


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