running T3 alone..

  1. running T3 alone..

    has anyone done it? I notice quite a few people suggest stacking it with AAS.. I am just coming off a cycle and I have a few weeks before i can start clen or m1t again (I just ran 3 weeks clen + m1t)

    is there any other way to minimize the loss of muscle while on T3?

    to be honest I am not terribly concerned with removing some muscle.. since I seem to have very little trouble putting it on...


  2. Not a wise idea.

  3. only if you run a moderate dose, say under 50 mcg/day max. even then you are risking some muscle loss !

  4. generally, u'd be better off trying to normalise thyroid levels , guggul (syntrax's product is good), l tyrosine(normally present in whey powders?) should do a good job at doing that . if not , 25 mcg is ok , will not result in too much of a muscle loss , use more and u run a risk .

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