I am just about done with a bottle of INFINITE LABS CYCLO BOLAN which is a combo of SD and Halo. Its sublingual, and actually dissolved pretty quick. Tasted fine, and I used it by itself, with good results. I am deployed on ship rightnow, so diet, and sleep were not optimal so no need to question diet. I ate whenever I could, and used whey protein when I had it.

I got no headaches from this, even though I used Hawthorne. I used liver support. I was stronger, and had more gym stamina. I recovered quickly, and am looking leaner now.

I took 2 caps daily one in the morning and one around the workout. I feel like it absorbed well, and I will be using Inhibit E, Tribex Gold, ZMA, and I have Novadex xt in the mail. Sean if you read this. I have a bottle of Blue up By controlled labs for ya. I dont like the Yohimbe in it. You or AL can have it.