So.. what are all the Methylated PH choices

  1. So.. what are all the Methylated PH choices

    Ive gone to a few different sites and tried to pick through posts....

    but it seems what Im finding is the Methylddienolone
    and Methyl 4-AD

    what else do we got..

    can someone write a summary of all the known choices and wher to buy them and maybe the overall impression..


  2. Methyl 5 AA - essentially a methylated dht precursor
    methyl 1/4- a dbol precursor

  3. LOL Methylated DHT precurson.... I think I lost a handfull of hair just typing that out.

    What exactly is the Methyldienolone then? Ive only seen a reference to the name and not the actual compound.

  4. 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyestra-4,9(10)dien-3-one

  5. Milo, the stickies has a thread - New PH FAQ which is an update on new stuff. Its missing m-4ohn on the first page but could have info on the subsequent replies.
    M-dien was tested out by Designer and Prolangtum recently.

  6. Thanks!!

    found it Marcus... exactly what I was looking for!!


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