any body try P-drol?

  1. any body try P-drol?

    any body try P-drol? I cant find any reviews on it so I dont know if it's bunk or not. I like that it's 12mg a pill and only $24 but I dont know if it's as good as other SD clones like M-drol

  2. I have heard good things about it. I havent personally used it but I think upon use you will be pleased. this is a perfect oppertunity for a log. you cant go wrong with 24 dollars. I say you run it, log it and let us all know how good it is. but to back you up, from what i heard its quality.

  3. I just got two bottles of that and their phera clone. I'm interested to see how i'll react to em'

  4. This is Proven Products you speak of correct? Im very interested to see how these run. their very rarely used products but they sound quality.

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