General PH dosing question

  1. General PH dosing question

    I just came off of a six week epistane cycle. My dosing was one dose in the morning and one dose pre workout. Would it be better to split the doses into more frequent doses throughout the day and night? I never had any problems sleeping when taking epistane in the evenngs. Would it be advantageous taking it before bed in order to aid in nightime recovery?

  2. no..the way u took it was fine.

  3. Stick with your orginal dosing pattern. avoid bed time dosing.

  4. In your sleep your body is anabolic as it is, dont waste your time taking it at bed time its a waste. Your dosing as previously mentioned by others was just fine. Upon waking up is common sense to kickstart your day in an anabolic state and maintain it for the half-life of the PH. Since that is 6-8 hours unless you're breaking the 20mg daily dosage, your last runs dosing protocol is fine. However if you plan to jump beyong this point as you gain experience witht the compound you may consider spacing your dosages out in that manner (6-8 hrs.).

    *Overkill in description I know, but dont want there to be any confusion if necessary. It's a great compound if utilized properly and respected.

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