Starting Epistane

  1. Starting Epistane

    Quick question:

    I want to start Epistane this week but I've been using Get Diesel Test Hardcore (natty test booster as you all know) for the past month and a half. Chuck Diesel recommends taking off a week in between diesel products, should I also take some time off between DTHC and Epi??


  2. Nope... the epi will suppress your natural test production whether it's low, medium, or high.

  3. Ok great, Ill start the Epi as soon as I get it in then What would be a recommended PCT for Epi? I read it doesnt shut you down very much. A Serm like Nolva in combination with Diesel DTP\Post cycle support?

  4. Yeah, I'd still use a SERM. Sounds like a plan.

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