Cycle Synopsis Database

  1. Cycle Synopsis Database

    I thought one of the most condensed forms of useful information possible would be a thread where every user posts a quick cycle synopsis for every cycle they have done, or at least the cycles that have been conclusive.

    Contribute what you can to the database, so that we can reference it and show people what to expect out of cycles. Reading through this thread should provide a wealth of information to ALL users.

    Please... I'd like to avoid dumbass questions and offtopic bull****, let's try to keep the thread a clean, concentrated source of information.

    Go to quote and then copy and paste one of my entries to get the form right, and replace everything

    1) Halodrol/Megazol RECOMP
    Halodrol 50/50/50/50, Megazol 00/00/00/150/200/250
    220 15% -> 220 15%
    Needed to dose much higher on both compounds, only ran 1 bottle of each and they barely had any effect on me. Learned that I don't respond very strongly. Also learned that steroids have no leaning out effect on me. I should have done more cardio instead of relying on them to take some fat off. Bottom line: dose higher

    2) Phera Plex BULK
    Phera 30mg for 24 days
    240 18% -> 250 18% (wound up around 240 17% after PCT)
    Gains from short oral cycles are hard to keep, the faster they come the faster they go, i kept very little from the phera, I think it needs to be run heavier and longer than i did. Bottom line: need to run orals longer to keep gains

    3) Epi Pulse with Clen CUT
    3x a week pulse 30/30/40/40/40/40/50/50
    Clen 2 on 2 off the entire time
    ~235 17% -> 217 12%
    Pulsing works, felt pumped even on off days, shutdown was negligible, no sides except for BP headaches which now I can attribute more to the clen than the Epi
    Bottom line: Epi/Clen works great for a cut

    4) Epi->Superdrol Bridge BULK
    Epi: 30/30/40/40/00/00/00
    SD: 00/00/00/10/20/20/30
    206 10% to 224 11% (ended up 220 11-12%% after PCT)
    My gains didn't even begin until I got on Superdrol. So i learned that Epi really doesn't work for weight gains or strength gains for me. It did provide good vascularity and better pumps. But all the gains on this cycle came from Superdrol, sometimes I forget that this cycle started with an Epi cycle.
    I found the gains from Superdrol to be insanely fast and awesome, and I also found them difficult to keep, i watched the weight drop off me during PCT even as I ate enough to increase my bodyfat slightly. I got stupid strong on cycle and most of that evaporated post cycle too.
    I concluded that Superdrol needs to be bridged into something else run longer so that your body can get used to the gains and keep more of them.
    Bottom line: SD kicks ass and Epi doesn't work well for me. SD needs to be bridged into something else to solidify the gains so you can actually keep them.

    5) Phera RECOMP
    220 ~12% to 220 10%, maybe 10.5%
    Found out that while Phera works for me it isn't particularly strong, i made very minor strength increases (about 10 pounds) and lost enough bodyfat to look a little more cut up.
    Learned that phera can be used in a recomp, it had me looking hard and vascular, not bloated at all.
    Phera needs to be stacked with something though, it's kinda weak on its own.
    Bottom line: bloat is IMO, diet dependent, "wet" and "dry" terms are overrated

    6) SD followed by Test Prop BULK
    Superdrol 10/20/20/30
    Then 4 weeks off while running test E that turned out to be bunk... no PCT for superdrol
    Then Test prop 100mg ED for 6 weeks
    SD: 220 10% -> 240 14%
    Test Prop: 235 14% -> 235 13%
    Blew up on the Superdrol, i learned that it isn't so much of a carb monster as I had been led to believe, all my extra carbs just made me really fat. Gains were great on SD though, got way strong.
    Learned that Test doesn't do much on its own, i was at 235 eating my ass off and didn't gain any weight, looking at the pictures it seems i might have dropped about 1% bodyfat though. I made very minimal strength increases on the test prop.
    Bottom line: Test is a good base but cannot provide gains on nearly the same scale as the potent orals. Test needs to be run for a long time too! Superdrol is not such a carb monster, that notion is IMO overrated

    7) SD pulse bridged into Tren bridged into SD/PP with Test Prop and T3 base
    Test prop 75mg ed for 8 weeks
    T3 up to 75mcg and back down weeks 3-8
    Tren 90/90/120/120 weeks 3-6
    SD 10/20/20 weeks 6-8, also pulsed 10mg 4x a week for weeks 1-3
    Phera 20/30 weeks 7-8
    211 11% -> 213 8% (after PCT I am now about 212 8.5%)
    SD pulse @ 10mg works, i felt the effects right away and looked more jacked by the 5th workout.
    Test prop is once again, weak
    T3 is an excellent addition to any cut/recomp cycle, pretty much no sides other than slightly increased sweating, very easy to adjust the dose so that weight loss is at the right level
    Tren - dead libido and gyno outweight the pretty good gains in strength and vascularity
    Phera/SD stack at the end: Most awesome feeling ever, EVER period, this stack is sick, i got no sides and was stronger/harder/leaner everyday.
    Indepth conclusions: Recomp cycle results & conclusions

    Cycles 1/2/5 amounted to almost nothing because they weren't run aggressively enough
    Cycle 3 was a cut cycle with some of the best progress, even though the main compound Epi doesn't give me weight or strength gains, i guess it may have helped me at least preserve muscle while on clen
    Cycles 4/6 provided a good few solid pounds to my frame, THANK YOU Superdrol
    Cycle 7 has been the most beneficial to me of them all, as I am solidly sub 10% but still relatively "big" looking. Also this cycle provided the most strength gains that I have ever kept.

    Grand total from all my cycles I have gained 7 pounds of LBM and nearly cut my bodyfat in half. It seems to me that my cycle gains are much lower than what I usually see on the forums. I see people left and right gain 15 pounds while losing bodyfat. Or actually keeping 15+ lean pounds on a cycle. I don't know if you guys are cycling too early or what but I have never made any gains like this at all, and I wonder why more people posting such ridiculous gains aren't absolute ****ing giants by now.

    I have a lot of cycle experience built up over the last few years!! I am trying to share this with everyone so that people can learn.
    I am really looking forward to the cycle experiences everyone else can contribute. PLEASE keep the thread a good read and don't post garbage.... If you're not going to take the time to make your synopsis accurate and useful then DONT POST.
    Mostly answered PM's
    Don't post on my profile, I don't read that stuff, PM me instead
    <------ Hard to believe, but I wasn't on any anabolics in the avatar shot

  2. 1)Havoc Bulk
    Gains155 @ 9% bf to 163 @ 7%
    Conclusion got strong as hell on havoc and really great pumps in the gym slight euphoria but on the other side was really aggressive in and out of the gym think i would have put on more weight but have to do alot of cardio in the army still good solid gains that i was able to keep lost about 2 lbs in pct(otc pct by that even)

  3. 1) Tren (19nor) Bulk
    Tren - 100/100/100/100/150/150
    175 9% - 185 12%
    Good first cycle, didn't have many support supps, would get random nose bleeds sometimes, pumps were gnarly (especially back pumps), would get shin splints so couldn't do cardio, gained 15lbs. but kept 10 after PCT (poor PCT). Was eating almost 7000 cals a day so gained some fat. Strength gains were awsome.

    2) Phera bridged to Superdrol Bulk
    Phera - 30/45/45/60/60/60
    Superdrol - 0/0/0/20/30/30/40
    190 10% - 210 13%
    Awsome! Gained massive weight (probably some water), but strength was way more than the tren, if I remember right I went from repping 70's to repping 100's on incline. Had all my supports down, and SERM for PCT, kept all my gains, eating high calories, no sides except back pumps. Definetly a fun run, probably do it again down the road.

    3) Havoc bridged with H-drol Cut
    Havoc - 40/40/40/40/50/50
    H-drol - 0/0/100/100/100/150/150
    190 11% - 195 9%
    Was cutting for awhile, didn't gain as much as expected, but did lean out a good amount, which is really what I was looking for. Gained about 5 lbs, but that was it. I was thinking maybe I had bunk gear, but whatever, I wasn't really pleased with these compounds even though I was stoked after all the reviews with these products. No sides at all, not even back pumps, which is why I was suspicious because everything I ran before gave me back pumps.

    Conclusion Conclusion:
    Thats my experience with PH/DS, I might have left some info out, if you have any questions, just ask. Next Im goin to be moving on to the real deal, injectables, probably for all my cycles, maybe use one of these designers for a kickstart, you just cant beat proven results.

  4. Havoc:
    206 -> ~219 , after pct ~205 due to injury in elbows and right knee requiring taking time off.
    Stacked with DCP and got leaner. Vascular. Kept some mass, kept majority of strength gains.

    Sides: Dried my joints out completely, back pumps. Great mental focus in and out of gym.

    Conclusion: Be smart when you're off cycle, you can't go as hard and heavy as you did while on, hence my injuries thinking I could keep going so heavy so often for so long.

  5. just saw this great thread so I'll add my various cycles as i have time. we should all build this up and make it a sticky.

    Deca only cycle from L Rea's "building the perfect beast" where you take two shots of 300mg for two weeks, this was his retarded suggestion for a "beginner cycle"
    this cycle was a waste of time and was the first cycle i ever did before i knew better. good thing is no PCT is required, bad thing is you also don't gain anything other than slightly enhanced recovery time. It did get me over my fear of the 23 gauge though.


    M1T (did this back in 2001)
    put on 10lbs and then lost basically all in PCT both times. got stupid strong and vascular but felt like I was slowly dying the whole time, M1T seriously feels like what I imagine being poisoned is like. Only compound I've used that caused hair loss in less than 3 weeks and piss was dark yellow no matter how much water i drank. Have seen blood tests showing it caused near total shut down in 3 days! gains were wicked and FAST though. Vascularity was nuts and strength increases were so fast i was worried i'd hurt myself. I did two cycles of this before all the newer, better methyl orals came out. will never do again.


    Original Anabolic Extreme Superdrol (rumored to contain Anadrol?)
    best oral steroid EVER. gains were absurd. I was up 10lbs the first 10 days, and did not feel bloated at all. sides were pretty nuts though, with back pumps that were almost intolerable and got headaches if i didn't eat enough, 20mg was the sweet spot for me. overall though, the gains were well worth the sides. I kept around 6lbs when all was said and done after PCT and dropped probably 1% bodyfat. PERFECT oral to jumpstart test cycles with.

    deca - 300mg a week for 4 weeks
    test cyp - 500mg a week for 6 weeks

    this was kind of a stupid cycle and i wasn't on long enough or at high enough doses for this to do much, when it was over i was up maybe 4 lb and gained a little bodyfat. This cycle showed me that test is not very strong if you've already ran the methyl orals and that if you want to run these injectable cycles you either need to run much higher doses are run them longer. I LOVE test but i just wasn't taking enough and i think my gear was bunk/underdosed. I also learned that PCT works better when you run it for 5 weeks.


    superdrol/deca/test cyp- 10 week cycle
    superdrol - 20/20/20/20
    deca - 400mg a week for 7 weeks
    test - 500mg a week for 10 weeks
    this cycle was AWESOME. I used it as a bulk and after PCT I gained about 10lbs. I was still learning about PCT though and so could have done better, was up as much as 15lbs at one point (its VERY hard for me to gain weight) the deca really helped my joints feel great. gains were pretty "wet" but i was also eating lots of carbs. recovery was insane, fealt ready to go back and hit the gym nearly the next day if my diet was right. sides were non-existent other than some hair loss towards the end and oily skin. after this cycle i vowed never to run Methyl orals without test. also this cycle was when i discovered running arimidex when on test, makes the cycle SOOO much better without all the bloating and reduces gyno risk and useless water weight gain.
    I also learned that running orals at lower doses for longer is a good idea. I should have started the superdrol at 10mg for the first week then ran it for 5 weeks.


    superdrol/test cyp/tren ace
    superdrol - 10/20/20/20
    test cyp - 500mg a week for 4 weeks
    test cyp - 750mg a week for 6 more weeks
    tren ace - 40mg a day Every other day for 3 weeks after superdrol

    Ok, 2 things to say about this cycle
    1. it is the CYCLE OF GODS, gains were absurd, i got spider veins in my chest and back, i dropped from maybe 10-11% bodyfat to <9% bodyfat AND put on 11lbs of, every lift was up 50lbs at least in strenght. this transformed my body in a way i didn't know was possible.
    2. I WISH I COULD TOLERATE tren ace. This was the first time i ever got gyno and the first time i noticed any real serious hair loss. tren is ****ing awesome but just too much for me. the sides were aweful too with absurd sweating at night and literally having dreams about murdering people! hahaha. I had the temper of an Oakland Raiders coach and had acne so bad it was amazing. not so much acne, as deep infections all over my body. that and my liver hurt while on tren, i think tren's impact on the liver is not fully realized by many on here that stay on it for 8+ weeks. tren is totally ****ed up for sure.

    so while the gians were straight amazing, i will never take tren again. this was also the longest cycle i had done at this point and i learned that after 10 weeks, the sides of all the aas start to get much worse. only 10 weeks or less for cycles for me now unless doses are low. PCT was HELL for this too, if you are taking tren consider HCG to be REQUIRED. I swear it took me 6 months to feel back to "normal" with my skin and libido etc.


    After a 2 year break from running cycles and having my workouts getting less and less frequent I decided to jump back in with both feet and get serious again.

    test/phera/Hdrol/xtren - 5 week cycle

    test: 500mg a week
    phera: 20mg 5 weeks (started at 30mg then backed down)
    Hdrol: ramped from 50mg to 125mg other than hardness and pumps didn't notice anything additional
    Xtren: tried to run it off and on but got gyno, ended up running it anyway for final 2 weeks, half life of this seems very long, took 3 days for this to clear my system

    summary: went from 180lbs to 194lbs, in my second week of PCT and still >190lbs. got a bit leaner for sure but made some mistakes on this cycle and my diet wasn't disciplined enough for me to make serious progress cutting. In the middle of this cycle my recover was AMAZING, with only 5 hours average sleep I was still recovering completely in less than 2 days from a work out. Put over 45lbs on my bench press too. Hit all my goals basically but I will have to be more disciplined with my diet if i want to be 8-9%bf at this weight. Accidentally cut this cycle short due to fears of kidney liver pain, but turned out to just be a torn muscle in my lower back. This cycle should really have been 8+ weeks. Good cycle and learned a lot.

  6. Superdrol bulk


    Gains: gained 18lbs kept 13lbs

    Conclusion: should have used a serm - gained a bit of fat post cycle. Was eating about 5000kcal on cycle and leaned out a bit so can increace it next time

    Currently on a superdrol/"tren" cycle - will post results after pct.

    Great thread

  7. Subbed

  8. SD/Epistane bridge:

    Epistane: 40/40/40/40

    Pct: clomid and diesel test pro

    Goal was a lean bulk. Went from 191 to 204. After pct stayed at 202. Gains were pretty lean bc of my diet. Strength gains were great, I respond great to epi.

    Cycle was overall good eventhough the first SD clone was bunk (mdrol). I forces methadrol worked much better,I think it was just a bad bottle of mdrol though. Efx and epi (chaparral labs) are both legit.

    Currently running SD/xtren bridge for recomp.


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