Using PCT Products on cycle?

  1. Using PCT Products on cycle?

    I'm sorry if this has been brought up before (I searched) but how does everyone feel about using PCT/AI products while ON cycle? I am about to start a H-Drol/Epi stack and also have a bottle of Neogenex Regenesen and LG T-911 in the cabinet. Would there be a benefit from taking either of these with my h-drol/epi stack?

  2. Not so much. otc pct products have rendered useless for stopping gyno and shut down while on cycle. if youre going to use something on cycle take the SERM route. (nolva)

  3. I hear ya, I just was really wondering if either of these two products would help in ANY way during the cycle. I don't want them to sit doing nothing if I don't have too......

  4. i know one product that my friend uses, it's called tokkyo clomidex, he uses it as a pct with his tokkyo ph's and on the bottle it tells u to run it 2 weeks before the end of the cycle and 2 weeks after the cycle has ended......sounded strange to me but i've been thinking about that same question....i dont' think it's a test booster and just works as an ai

  5. any otc pct that companies offer you are bs. this tokkyo crap included. dont ever run otc pct as standalones after anything near hardcore for a pct product.



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