1. Methyl-1SD/Trenv-700

    I just picked up these products from Black Dragon Labs, but I am having trouble finding reviews/logs with them. Have any on you tried them before? I have used m-drol and methyl-dx3 before, but never any from BDL. I wanted to stack them together.

    I had in mind:

    Trenv-700: 35/70/70/105/0
    Methyl-1SD: 0/0/20/20/20

    I have nolva on hand for PCT, but I rather not use it

    Support Supps:
    Milk Thistle- 1000mg-2000mg
    Cycle Support (Anabolic Innovations)
    Fish Oil-3-5g

    Same as above
    Post Cycle Support (Anabolic Innovations)
    Novatest (AI)
    x-lean (cortisol)
    activate extreme (test)

    Does the PH dosages look ok? I would appreciate any feedback.

  2. Any advice guys? Does this stack look right?

  3. the cycle looks fine, 4 weeks of dienolone, 2 week overlap into a final week of Superdrol. Your pct is weak though... your main components are an AI and activate. Mehhhh. You want a weak pct then whatever.

    Edit: i don't know what powerfull and prime are, dunno how effective activate really is (sucked for me), don't know how novatest is... but why stack a million OTC supps together when you can just run clomid?

    At the very least it's more cost efficient.
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  4. Thanks. Prime and PowerFull are made by USPLabs. Prime is for strength and size and PowerFull is a HGH/Test booster. I have some stoked at the house, might use that instead of activate extreme. I have nolva, but I'm guessing I should use clomid because of the Tren. I have never used a prescription SERM before with a cycle and ever had a problem, but this is my first cycle stacking two ph together.

  5. Novatest is an aromatase inhibitor. I thinks its a suped up version of arimatest.



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