methyl 5aa?

  1. methyl 5aa?

    what do we know about this one guys? seen some cycle info. but what do we expect from it? aggression for pre workout? why do we methylate a preworkout supp? tia

  2. I recall reading a thread where Sledge said that it converts to DHT. Normally you'd want to avoid this, but for agression it seems to do the trick. Do a search and see if you can find that thread. Bobo was in the thread too. They were discussing that m5aa is simmilar to something that started with "Mast..."

  3. I believe you're talking about masterlone. I remember that thread also, but I can't find it either.

  4. That sounds right. Thanks Beelzebub.

  5. i think they said its simialr to masteron and it converts to mestenolone or methyl DHT and i think it was said that its good for a preworkout boost giving more focus aggression and strength and it may help harden you up a bit.

  6. thats about all the info, its really strong and you dont need mor ethen 20mgs 1 hour preworkout to get the max effect.

  7. thanx guys. so methylation is just making it orally bioavailable? i thought it extended the half-life also. but i'm an idiot. have a good week dudes

  8. No...methylation does not increase half life significantly... alkylation of the methyl group happens almost immediately on the second pass through the liver activating the hormone.

  9. thanx mh, all info greatly appreciated.

  10. I've also got a question on this particular substance. When using test, your body realizes the extreme amount exogenous test in the body and sees no need to produce endogenous, thus shutting you down. Well how does it work with excessive DHT in the body? Same reaction?


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