looking for a-dex dosing recomendation

  1. looking for a-dex dosing recomendation

    Am thinking of adding sust to my transdermal again.

    Not sure how many injected mg that 1 ml of 10% t creme transdermal is equivalent to. Am thinking maybe 300 or 400 a week (150 2x wk) would be a nice boost in the gym? (I only had a few amps of 250 before, I have 20ml @ 300 on hand now. What would be a good dose of a-dex with that? I'd rather use a small dose more often to avoid spikes.


  2. 0.25mg daily shouldn't be too much. Did you search any steroid/anti-estrogen profile sites?

  3. Thanks, and yes I've been doing a lot of research of sides and so-forth over the last few years. I've also experienced the effects of joint pain from too much a-dex. I just wasn't sure the right dose of it for compounded + 3-400 injected. I was thinking like .15 daily, but wasn't sure that it would be enough so I thought I'd ask here. I've reached a big plateau in the gym on the dosed creme alone, so since my natural is gone anyway...

    I'm kicking around ordering some bold too...

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