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  1. M1T Program

    Sunday will be the end of the second week of my M1T cycle. So . . . I wanted to report on my program and results to date. Any commentary is more than welcome, save for the "this stuff is so toxic and you are an idiot" sentiment. I am not a regular poster but I thought that this could be helpful to those considering running just M1T.

    To begin, here is my supplement roster. Some may consider this overkill, but I am trying to be as cautious as possible.

    ~200G protein / day (1g/lb. of body weight) - Syntha-8

    1 week prior, pre-load:
    1 cap Nolvadex XT
    Milk thistle 600 mg

    Week 1\
    M1T 12 mg - half in morning, half after work
    Fish Oil - 2 soft gels
    Milk Tistle - 600 mg
    Colostrum - 2 caps ~950 mg
    Hawthorn Berries - 1210 mg
    CoQ-10 - 150 mg
    Novedex XT - 1 cap

    Week 2
    M1T 18 mg - 6 mg in morning, 12 mg after work
    Novedex XT - 2 caps
    All else same

    Week 3
    M1T 18 mg
    Primordial Performance Sustain Alpha - 6 of 7 days
    All else same

    PP TRS (Sustain Alpha, Toco-8, Endomaxamp) - as recommended
    DHEA - 250 mg
    Fenugreek - 1220 mg

    I have Nolva on-hand in case of emergencies but am very hesitant to put anything in my body that may have any impct on my eye sight.

    I should also note that I am doing 20 - 50 min. of cardio, 5 times/wk.

    That is my plan as of now. As I said, I have 1 week of M1T left. To date, I have had no bad sides. The only thing I have noticed is a bit of lethargy (but not in the gym, mostly after) and a drop in libido. To speak frankly, I am still quite able to get it up (still morning w.) and have probably had sex every other day over the last 2 weeks. The difference I have noticed is my drive and desire to initiate sex and the amount of time I spend thinking about it on a daily basis. So, overall, the libido drop has not been severe - which was one of my major concerns. No signs of gyno, shrinking balls, hair loss, acne, etc.

    Performance-wise, I have noticed significant increases in strength and my body composition has definetly changed . . . to what degree I am not sure (in terms of bf %). Size is also up, though I am not a measurement kind of guy, so I cannot say empirically how much increase there has been.

    I will post an update next weekend when I have finished my third week. Cheers.

  2. [QUOTE] I have Nolva on-hand in case of emergencies but am very hesitant to put anything in my body that may have any impct on my eye sight. [QUOTE]

    Nolvadex isnt accompanied by sides that result in eye site. you are thinking of side effects asscoiated with clomid. if you have nolvadex on hand you are just fine. and as far as i can tell, eye site problems on clomid happen but are pretty rare.

    [QUOTE]I should also note that I am doing 20 - 50 min. of cardio, 5 times/wk.[QUOTE]

    This is ALOT of cardio while on a "bulking" ph. id limit that unless you are really trying to use this as a cut. while im bulking i dont exceed cardio 2 times weekly and its just 30 minutes run walk. very low intensity.

  3. Yeah, I agree that cardio may be a bit much, though it is not always very intense. For instance, I may just ride the bike 30 min. (heart beat steady around 130) and run a mile at around 6.5-6.9 mph on the treadmill. I am trying to maintain for a sprint triathalon next month.

  4. man where to all this kids still keep gettin their m1t from?>

  5. jokingly of course ^^

  6. pleased to hear a successful and non-dramatic experience on m1t...lately ive really been considering this as my next cycle

    what types of strength gains have you been exeperiencing and how about increases on the scale?


    Clomid gives the eye problem at 100mg and up so IMO use clmoid 50 50 50 50

  8. estro rebound is a biatch

  9. I have not gained any weight (maybe 1-2 lbs.) but I have noticed a big difference in body composition. This may be because of the cardio. I am sure if I were really lean to begin the cycle, I would have seen lean muscle gains. My lifts have gotten significantly better and strength improvement has been noticeable.

    6 days left. Began applying Sustain Alpha this morning. Chest and Tri's tonight, can't wait.

  10. im not sure its m1t then, u should have gained way more weight. was this a PASS ME DOWN bottle form some1, or a purschase

  11. im confused as to why dhea is used during pct. i've seen this around once and a while. what is the reason? it is a pro hormone, which is what you dont want.

    the only reason I could think you would want it is to increase estrogen to create such an imbalance as to cease E, and aromatase production, that the hpta would increase production of T. but nolva will do this, while blocking the neg effects of E.

    idk im confused on dhea during pct.

    edit: i know where they are getting their m1t, 1-andro-diol, and 4-diol from. im fixen to order some 4-diol myself.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jay21 View Post
    im not sure its m1t then, u should have gained way more weight. was this a PASS ME DOWN bottle form some1, or a purschase
    could be the m1-t.

    but also, less sides, less gains. he is taking a bunch of support sups.

    but i dont think that will effect gains that much.

    also, his protein intake is too low for an athlete doing as much work as he says he is.

    if his protein is too low, I would imagine his total calories are too low also.

    he says he hasn't gained but a lb or two, but has recomped, so, could be bunk m1t plus placebo effect, or could be the other idea. if your puttin out more than whats coming in, you arent going to grow. and without an anabolic substance, that would cause a person to loose weight, but with it, it most likely will cause them recomp.

    how have the strength gains been?

  13. hmm, no weight gain on legit m1t is very unusual, most users report dry mass gains of at least 10lbs usually, with significant strength gains...

    what type of strength increases have you seen?
    and yes, the nolva you have on hand is a MUST for pct...esp if its legit m1t, regardless of how you were on cycle, realize that you must have little to no natural T production at this point, and estrogen rebound will happen- to what degree, i don't know but I would just play it smart

    i know some people have had issues with Stealth Labz m1t, is this what you used?

  14. Just got back from the gym. I am pretty sure this is real M1t . . . at least according to the reviews from users taking the product from the same manufacturer (Androtech Labs). Not to mention that the substance is perfectly legit in its country of origin.

    Bottle Reads:


    I know I am not doing a great job relaying my strength improvements, but I can assure you whatever I am taking has made a considerable difference. I generally do higher rep-type sets and have seen a 30 lb increase on my flat bumbell press . . . my last set is now 3-4x75 instead of 6x60.

    Just from looking, I have seen considerable gains in chest and shoulders as I appear generally more broad. Pumps have also been great and I have to do considerably more light weight x highs reps to "burn-out". I would not be suprised at all if I have gained 5-10 lbs of muscle and replaced a bit of fat.

    Scale tonight read 203 lbs. Before cycle, I was 195-198.

    Going to hit legs hard this last week!

  15. I am taking the DHEA as a otc way to boost testosterone and restore/protect sex drive to normal after I am done with the M1T. Keep in mind that this was planned around using only otc supps for cycle support and pct (ie no Nolva). Seems that most everyone thinks I should just go ahead and use the Nolve so, while Primordial Performance would seem to disagree, I think I may have to go with the consensus on this one.

    Also, keep in mind that when starting this out I assumed and wanted to loose some body fat.

    Calorie intake looks like:

    800 via protein shakes (90 g+ protein)
    Regular diet less fried foods

    I have to admit that the diet thing has not really been well planned for (which is an oversight on my part). My thinking was that if I ate as I always do, eliminated fried foods, and added the shakes (Syntha-6) that I would be well-positioned to both build muscle and loose some body fat. Being that I was carrying more bf than I wanted, it was obvious that my calorie intake was above maintenance pre-cycle.

    Also, as an update to the sides, I am noticing that I feel pretty tired in the mornings and it is a bit harder to get up than usual. This usually wears off after half an hour after I wake up. I am not sure if it is from the M1T (12mg taken before bed) or the extra energy expenditure of late at the gym. Admittedly I am not great with getting enough rest. It is hard to work from 8am to 8pm or later, go to the gym, and still have some "life-management"/relax time. Trying my best to get 7+ hours/night.

    I am also hungry ALL THE TIME!

  16. Have you tried the androtech labs 1/4-AD?

  17. I have not. But was considering 4AD for my next go-round.

  18. that AT labs website has a m1t at 12mg.... is ti legit its called like 17methyl1t ??? anyone? i want to use this for my next bulk if it is legit

  19. Jay, that is what I am using if you did not see. . . see above for substance description on bottle.

    Also, I think I will use a low dose of Nolva with the TRS. I am thinking 25mg for 4 weeks. Do you think this is overkill? Please advise.


    bttle i saw did not have this describtion...

  21. my bad yes it is, do u live in the US? hwo far are the gains? now

  22. Last workout will be tomorrow morning. I will post a final review of the cycle later in the week. Does anyone have an opinion on the dosing for my liquid Nolva? Keep in mind I will also be using Sustain Alpha.

  23. since it is m1t - 40 40 30 20
    also starting week3 add a a.i. like hdx2 to further prevent estro rebound when u drop nolva


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