4 week mdrol log----> BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!

  1. 4 week mdrol log----> BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!

    as some of you would know ive been logging my 3 week mdrol cycle which ended up as 4 week. thought id show you the pics! i will post pics of my legs on sunday when they are hairles.... more definition

    before @ 183lbs

    after @ 199.1lbs

  2. Stellar work mate.
    It's hard to concentrate when I can hear your thoughts.

  3. looks great! wow kind of sides did you notice??

  4. Great Work Brah !!

    Def blew Up !!

  5. are you in pct now or did u finish?

    16 pounds and you dont look bloated at all, awesome

  6. What's ur before and after bf%?

  7. his bf is probably around 7-8% but deff great imporvement on your chest! and shoulder.

  8. Well done bro, +16lbs and lean. What was your dosage?

    I finished my 4 week M-Drol cycle yesterday. Did 20/20/30/30. Went from 244 to 258, lethargy was a b!tch in weeks 3 and 4 but the pumps were great and the strength/weight gains were pretty significant.

    Any notable strength gains?

  9. hey guys. thx for the comments!! my cycle was 20/20/30/30, no significant sides and no lethargy. quite considerable strength gains on all major lifts. if you have a look at my log it goes through strength gains each week in detail.

  10. Did you do any before/after measurements?

  11. congrats. looks like you got some good lean gains!!!!

  12. looks like it worked well for u

  13. impressive!!!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by xink View Post
    Did you do any before/after measurements?
    thanks guys. nah no measurements just weight before and after.


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