Cycle help for my friend...

  1. Cycle help for my friend...

    Ok i finalized my next cycle ...bold 1g 1-8 and mass tabs 1x 5-8

    Now my buddy who is computer illiterate wants to run "the stack"..i did a lot of research but figured i get some last responses from u guys on this board cuz u r well educated and give good help..

    he is thinking..

    Plex 1-4 40mg
    mdrol 1-4 30 mg

    Clomid 50-50-50-50
    nolva 40-40-20-20

    I have all support supps in check for him already..he has a few cycles under his belt so i beleive he is good too go on this kind of cycle (he is also 29).... whats up with the gyno issues with the plex..which i wasnt sure what he should do take for that while on cycle or during pct..

    how does it look and what would u recommend for gyno issues?

  2. "The Stack" is usually run as a bridge I believe... seen it advertised like that, PP into SD.

    that's crazy high doses, 70mg of harsh methyls for 4 weeks. Superdrol does not need to be run at 30, especially from day 1, and PP should start lower.
    This is a better idea:

    Mdrol 10/20/20
    P-Plex 00/20/30/40/40

    It's still a 5 weeker with 2 weeks of overlap, it's MORE than enough. IMO it's better to stretch it out a little longer than to stack two of the most powerful compounds so heavily for 4 weeks. Unnecessary sides!
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  3. thanks unreal i will tell him that....should he run clomid and nolva at the doses i have set? and should he run anything for prolactin or gyno issues while one cycle?

  4. nolva at 20 the whole time is fine, the nolva clomid stack like that should be pretty effective.

    I don't think there should be any prolactin problems from these. SD and PP cause gyno only through delayed gyno which IMO is an estrogen rebound, but running 20mg of nolva for 4 weeks should prevent an immediately rebound, and I think the delayed gyno after PCT results from having ATD in pct. I'm not sure though.

    If he gets gyno on cycle that would suck, should probably just stop and use the nolva. I dunno, shouldn't be too much of a problem, a low dosed AI wouldn't hurt, as Phera might increase Estrogen levels by some mechanism i'm unfamiliar with. PP is kinda tricky like that, doesn't look like it converts to estrogen but it seems to do so anyway.
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