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  1. Testing Test

    Wondering if there is a way to know for sure the product were getting is the real deal, these powders coming from China?

  2. I believe the purity is tested upone arrive into the US...correct me if Im wrong Chemo or Curt....

  3. One reason i ask is i have 2 sets of 10 gram orders 1 from this store(BDC) and 1 from anothers store and they look different, if everyone is buying from the same supplier, which i dont know or not, why do these 2 products look different(consistency)

  4. Not everyone is buying from the same plant that manufactures 1-test in China.  Another factor is the level of refinement that the powders undergo before shipment.  If one plant can get 95-98% purity with their process on a first pass this will most likely be grainy whereas if it requires a workup or two the texture will be a fine powder.

    The purity is checked before releasing for process...


  5. pat arnolds stated on bb.com that you can't judge according to the looks, it can be fine, coarse, white, yellowish, etc. doesn't indicate purity at all...


  6. I have gotten yellowy 4-ad and white 4-ad before. 2 diff sorces. The 1-test , lick your finger stick it in the 1-test and then rub your eyelid. If it burns bad .. ITS GOOD... hehehehe Just kidding TAlk to ya.. 
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    LOL curt, **** does burn i already know that from experience , thankyou


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